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Randy Reinhart

Randy Reinhart

Randy played his first gigs when he was a teenager, making jazz his profession at the age of 18 and becoming an ongoing substitute at Eddie Condon's on 54th street in 1973. He played with some of the finest players on the New York scene including Vic Dickenson, Pee Wee Erwin, Herb Hall and drummer Connie Kay. In the mid 1970’s he began doubling on trombone while touring with Paul Lavalle's Band Of America. You can hear his cornet in many Bix Beiderbecke tribute recording and concert orchestras. The Arbors release, “Celebrating Bix”, places Randy with three cornetists, Jon-Erik Kellso, Randy Sandke and Dan Barrett.

He has collaborated with many artists including; Jim Cullum, Kenny Davern, Marty Grosz, Bucky Pizzarelli, Dan Barrett, Jake Hanna, Howard Alden, and Warren Vache. Reinhart received great reviews for his work on his solo recording of “As Long As I Live,” recorded with jazz mates Kenny Dovern, James Chirillo and Dan Barrett. Will Friedwald states,"Randy Reinhart is the most generous of bandleaders who shares the spotlight generously with his fellow players – the term "sidemen" almost doesn't apply." He is featured on only three of the eleven tunes.

Randy Reinhart can be heard on various recordings for the Arbors, Audiophile, Jump and Nagel-Heyer labels.

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