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Yve Evans

Yve Evans


At age three singing before a congregation of 1500 people on Easter Sunday, Yve Evans had no idea that performance was her destiny. However, the little girl grew up to be an outstanding Singer and Pianist.

There is an intangible quality in her music that gives it a life of its own; life that reaches out and touches the souls of the people that hear it.

Yve has performed all around the world...Japan, Canada, Spain and Italy are a few places that come to mind. Evans has played with some of the greats in jazz and cut five CD's. (All done live and in only one take the way jazz was meant to be.) The title of her latest CD sums up her style "3 Degrees Celsius - not frozen, just very cool".

Evans was educated in the United States, Japan and Europe. Evans was mentored by internationally renowned choral conductor Jester Harriston and attended the University of Califorina, Irvine, School of Fine Arts where she studied Opera and Theater.

Evans' band (she calls it her Company) is comprised of some of the industry's most accomplished musicians. Each performance shows a dedication to the tradition and understanding of Jazz and it's timeless repertoire. The goal is sharing the sheer joy and freedom that her music brings, or at the very least taking the audience on a musical roller coaster ride with Yve at the helm.

Evans the singer, cites some of some of the finest vocalist in the world as her main influences - Sarah Vaughn, Ernie Andrews, Joe Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, June Christie, Della Reese, Bobby Darin and Rosemary Clooney.

Evans the pianist, has leaned over the shoulders of, swapped chord changes with and stolen licks from Dorothy Donegan, Bill Evans, Erroll Garner, George Gafney, Carmen McCrae and Shirley Horn.

Yve takes her stage show lead from two of the greatest female performers that ever walked onto a stage....Pearl Bailey and Della Reese.

Much like Ray Charles, Yve loves all music. She is just as happy recording jazz, blues, gospel, music for children or maybe even country-western-jazz-blues. We will just wait and see about that one.


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